Boutano Wala

The edge of the Gandhara was the River Indus and the present day Swabi and surrounding areas had a number of Hindu and Buddhist shrines.  One of our respected readers have pointed out that the areas have ” been robbed for years by the so called ‘idol thieves’ or in Pushto ’boutano wala’.  They have dug every significant place where ever they expected to find statues from Buddhist era. In fact they have robbed the area blind; there is absolutely nothing left.”  I belong to that area and i have seen it all.

Yes, he is right and this theft has been going on for the past thirty years.  The Archaeology department of Peshawar University is already aware of this fact.  Are there any elected members of Parliament from Swabi?  Who are they and what have they done?

Pashtoons of Swabi have elected their members for National and Provincial Assemblies who should be informed.  If these representatives are not involved in any illegal business, surely they will do something about it.

The problem with the educated Pashtoons is their own conduct.  They put themselves on top of a secure pedestal to watch and moan.  They leave their land to the, “zameendar” who can dig anything he wants (including the boutan)  They can not read and write their own language because it does not bring money to their pockets. They let others compose their music because they do not want to be associated with, “Damms”.  I bet those who are elected from the Pashtoon areas are mostly appeasing or being appeased by the establishment to feather their own nests.

The question is, why these “bouts” are important for us?  As our reader mentions that, “most of it went to Japan where they pay top money for Buddhist remains”.  Do they buy because they are rich or because they love their faith?

If they are researched upon and well looked after there, may be we don’t deserve to keep them anyway.