The tree

Trees are always fascination to look at and my usual walk after work in London was through small gardens by the River Thames. There is an old tree probably hundreds of years old. Its branches are spread all over but the stem is so old that it can not support its own branches. What the care takers did was to put iron poles to help it and extend its life. I take my friends to see this tree and everyone admires how life is cared for in developed countries.


I also saw another tree near Peshawar. It is near the village of Chuagujar and once upon a time, a place for the Caravans to stop and rest. It is the only ancient tree remaining in this land now.

Tree 1

It does not need any support because it is still huge and strong. But there are no Caravans now and it is spread in a piece of land which is quite valuable these days.


Here is the solution to grab this land.


A so called DARVESH or PEER has appeared from somewhere and a small hut is being built by his patron. He is so Sacred that needs some publicity, therefore a ” SIGN POST” goes in the TREE.


What happens next? Ask any Peshawari… The hut will extend…a courtyard will be built…and the tree will be cut because it will not be needed. Sounds familiar?